First comes love, then comes baby.. then Marriage.

Fortunately for us the Second Trimester seemed to come and go and really fly by. I can thank the holidays for this. We had our first Thanksgiving together and thankfully my morning sickness that hit at night had started to get a little easier. I made entirely way too much food for just the two of us, but fortunately for me my late night cravings were satisfied by the sheet pan of stuffing in the fridge. Aside from stuffing my face on Thanksgiving my body had definitely started to change, and the harsh reality of my clothes no longer fitting kicked in, I could still pull my leggings up, but jeans were out of the question. This was a reality I knew was coming but trying to get dressed and ready for the day was quickly becoming stressful. Fortunately Brian still assured me he found me beautiful and kept telling me not to worry, he even took me out for breakfast and surprised me with a little shopping trip to get some maternity jeans.

Now I should mention, when we found out we were expecting we had only been dating 6 months. Most people would freak, which we did but by this point we had already moved in together and exchanged the first awkward “I love you” and gotten into a routine. A big thing especially to my Father was us being unwed. And boy did we hear about it, every chance he got my Dad asked Brian and I about our plans. Now this wasn’t something that was completely out of left field, to be honest while we were visiting my family in Arizona, Brian had asked my Dad for his blessing. But he certainly wasn’t planning on proposing right away, he asked with the intention of proposing down the road. We live in Texas and don’t always see my family so he figured while he had the opportunity he would do it. Now to be honest marriage was something I had always dreamt of, I wanted to be a Wife and a Mother and suddenly I was facing both. We had talked and it was important for us to have the same Last names especially on our Daughters birth certificate. Both of our parents are still married, well over 30 years and we both had a respect for Marriage and what it stands for.

So Brian casually mentioned that he had an upcoming Friday off, why not just do it then. December 2nd. Which was coming up quick! So then the planning began, I was realistic and not expecting some grand wedding. I was 4 months pregnant at this point and definitely showing, I wanted to get married before I was massive and we didn’t have the time to plan something extravagant, not to mention I couldn’t justify spending a ton of money on a wedding when we were expecting a baby.  Our families couldn’t make it out in time, so we decided to keep it extremely small, we each invited one of our brothers to come out to Texas and be our witnesses. That was it. So instead of getting ready on my wedding day with my friends and my Mom like I had always pictured, I got ready solo in a house full of guys. It definitely wasn’t picture perfect but for us it worked. I had purchased a knee length ivory colored lace maternity dress, Betsey Johnson flats with blue bottoms and I made my own bouquet from supermarket flowers. For my  Something old I had attached my late Grandmothers Rosary and ring to my bouquet, for something new I had my dress and shoes, for borrowed my best friend had sent her diamond earrings out with my Brother, & Blue I had painted my toes the best shade of Tiffany Blue. I couldn’t have a big over the top wedding, but I had the perfect touches. It just worked for us, for the three of us. I think getting married and being pregnant actually made it that much more meaningful, I couldn’t feel full on kicks at this point but I could definitley feel flutters of our baby girl.

We had a coconut cake from the grocery store, and as the guys drank champagne I had sparkling apple cider. The entire day just fit us, it poured rain which is supposed to be a good omen for your wedding day, and the minute I saw how handsome Brian looked in his suit I was overwhelmed. I think obviously both of us were freaked a bit, we would have been crazy not to. We got married in a little chapel next to the San Antonio courthouse, right next to the Riverwalk with our brothers taking pictures on their iPhones and a minister who I’m still convinced was drunk. But it was perfect for us, we cried like babies when we said our vows and I think we kissed 20 times crying and laughing we did it.

After we said our vows, and were officially married we went next door and pigged out on pizza, then I had a shoe change into some flip flops and we decided to go for a walk along the Riverwalk to show our visiting Brothers what San Antonio was so proud of.  We also made a pitstop for some umbrellas and had our picture taken in front of the Alamo.  Later we stopped at a Mexican restaurant and the guys had margaritas and shots while I had a root beer. Thrilling I know, it wasn’t ideal being the only sober one on my Wedding day and it wasn’t exactly fun being sober and pregnant around everyone drinking and singing. So I definitely went to bed before 9.  But the plus was I woke up refreshed and hangover free while everyone else slept till noon.

I can definitley say our Second trimester was easy. Stressful definiley, I got married and we drove all the way to Arizona and California for the holidays. Of course it was stressful, but looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. I had my Daughter with us when we got married, she was with us celebrating the holidays with family, and she was there when we shared our first New Years Kiss as a married couple.




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